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Shanghai & Tennis

The Expo has clearly lost the battle for my time… As a matter of fact, I guess I’ll have to come back to see Shanghai another time. But I’ll have to come back in some years, say 10, just to see how it changed. I couldn’t help but to spend hours on my seat 17 in [read more…]

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The way to Shanghai

As my friends left for Shanghai I decided to stay a couple of nights more in Yangshuo. The place is nice and before emersing myself into huge cities (Shanghai, Tokyo, etc.) I figured it would be nice to spend so more time in a rather small and quiet place. Although the latter is debatable, specially during [read more…]

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Well, so much for drifting quietly to Yangshuo… after spending an hour in the car to get to the boat. We got onto it and left the shore with a rattling engine noise. As this wouldn’t be annozing enough, we were escorted by dozens of other boat and whole armadas of boat came from the other [read more…]

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Mainland China

As expected, no access to fb. But that’s what’s good about the blog, I still can post 🙂 So we left Hong Kong. However, I’ll be back before going home. In the meantime, one of the typical night shots of the skyline.

Hong Kong Island Skyline

As planned we got to Guangzhou on Thursday around noon [read more…]

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Hong Kong

Well, here I am!

I’m writing these lines at the Goethe-Institut in Hong Kong with a nice view over Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. After a very pleasant flight of roughly 12h the swift landing was on time at 16:35 local time. I immediately headed for the hostel, which is on Kowloon. My friend gave me all the directions [read more…]