Germany, I’m coming! :-)

Tickets for the World Cup Last friday I got a nice mail. I’ve got four tickets for the World Cup. Yeepee!!! 🙂 It’s for a 8th Final game in Hannover. If the Swiss team manages to be second in it’s group I’ll be seeing them live against the winner of group H! Germany, watch out!

Hotel Rwanda

Today I have seen the movie “Hotel Rwanda” starring Don Cheadle. I’m kind of speechless. I think this is probably the strongest movie I’ve ever seen. As this all happened I was a foolish 13 year old teenager, but I remember the pictures I’ve seen on TV. And I remember that I never understood why … Read more

Today is a big day…

Today is a big day for the Bolivian People. Today Evo Morales has been sworn in as the first indigenous president of Bolivia. More than 180 years after it’s independency finally this country has a president who really represents the population. But it seems that the media is focusing more on his knitted sweater than … Read more

my blog

building up my homepage with blog… since I’m building up my homepage (for ages and haven’t got very far yet), I thought I better include a blog from the beginning… I had a hard time to decide in which language to write my website. I decided to make it international 🙂 So it’s mainly in … Read more