Diving Okinawa

The diving adventure’s calling got stonger as I moved towards the south west of Honshu. On Saturday 6th of November I finally flew out of Hiroshima to Naha. The morning of the flight wore my signature. Sleeping over due to a long night out, the original plan to catch the airport shuttle was thrown over … Read more

Tokyo Love

So I left Tokyo Tuesday morning… tear… How would I have loved to stay longer to explore more of this fascinating place! But Japan has so much to offer, one has to move on, otherwise you could easily get stuck in a place like Tokyo. But that was Tuesday, and before that laid a weekend … Read more

Arrival in Tokyo

So I got my flight from Shanghai Pudong to Tokyo Narita on Tuesday morning and landed in Japan around 2 p.m. local time (CET +7). The way to the hostel already revealed the vastness of the world’s largest metropolitan area, however different than I expected. No enormous housing compounds everywhere made of skyscrapers and built … Read more