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Evo Morales' fight for football

The Bolivian President Evo Morales made a one day trip to Switzerland all the way from Bolivia to challenge the FIFA ban on football games above 2500 meters of altitude.

The President arriving Wednesday evening (27.06.) in Zurich, had a tight schedule the following day.
First he had a little football match he was invited to by the [read more…]

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Two great nights in Zürich

Yeah well, as always it took a lot longer for me to catch up with what I promised.

The first great event I’m referring to was the concert of Eddie Palmieri in the Jazzclub ‘Moods’ in Zürich. (10. Okt.)
What a concert! I was very impressed. Under the name of ‘Afro-Caribbean Jazz All Stars’ seven unbelievable musicians [read more…]

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Salon de l'auto 2006

I’ve been to the Geneva Motorshow and posted some pictures.

I’ve been to Geneva on the 11th March and took some pictures of a few extravagant cars. For a selection of photos have a look in the photo section.

There were loads of people, not making shooting easy. I was glad I had got up early, I guess [read more…]