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Going towards other worlds

As this post is being published I’m taking off leaving the grounds of Zurich and Switzerland on flight LX 138. The destination is Hong Kong! This is where I’ll be meeting a friend to have a look around before continuing to the People’s Republic of China, where we will be going to Guilin and [read more…]

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Case studies

I landed in Switzerland one week ago and now I’m enjoying my last totally free weekend for a long time, before my immersion into project and case study work.

The courses started monday morning at 8.15 a.m. and I was very tired… Human Ressource Management: Leading Teams (HRM) was on the schedule. And as last term, we [read more…]

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So after three flights I’m back in Switzerland. Thursday night I flew from Cochabamba to La Paz and from there on Friday morning via Santa Cruz and Miami back to Z├╝rich.

To say goodbye to beloved ones is always difficult, thus we tried to keep it (more or less) short. I was soon distracted after passing security [read more…]

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The bigger half

I’m done with 5 out of 8 exams.

I always like the perspective of having accomplished more than the half of the exams.

Well that is the case for me for about an hour now. I have still 3 to go though. And since the next exam is a whole 2 hours away, there is plenty of time [read more…]