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World Heritage Plenty

When leaving Tokyo on Tuesday in the early morning my destination was Nikko. A famous World Heritage Site north of the capital city. Since then I’ve also been to Hakone on my way to Kyoto, where I will stay until Tuesday. Therefore I’m packing everything into this post, making it a bit longer and coming with [read more…]

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Welcome to my website. Please have a look around. you’ll find some stuff about me any my travel activities and mainly pictures of course, since it is the main purpose of this website. The galleries can be accessed via the top page menu, or click on one of the thumbnails below:

around the world

bolivia 2008

[read more…]

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Pictures of the Zibelemärit posted on FB

I went to the traditional onion market in the Swiss capital last monday. Was quite cold, but nice.

You can find the pictures on my facebook account.

Got up at half past four in the morning to walk into town. Spent about an hour strolling around at the market before joining some friends at a restaurant for some [read more…]

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New galleries online!

I finally managed to upload the pictures from my trip to Sweden. I’ve created two new galleries with photos of Stockholm and Gothenburg. I’ve been there in September and now you can have a look at them under city trips in the [read more…]

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Back in CH...

Holidays over, back in Switzerland. Will try to upload my pictures soon.

In the meanwhile I’ve realized my first photosynth. I gave it a shot (or actually 590 of them) in Stockholm and used this BIG load of pictures of the iconic building in Stockholm to create this fancy kind of 3D illustration.

Got curious? Check it out [read more…]