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So after three flights I’m back in Switzerland. Thursday night I flew from Cochabamba to La Paz and from there on Friday morning via Santa Cruz and Miami back to Z├╝rich.

To say goodbye to beloved ones is always difficult, thus we tried to keep it (more or less) short. I was soon distracted after passing security [read more…]

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Last hours...

Spend a beautiful week in Cochabamba. It is always a pleasure to come back to this nice city with it’s friendly people, mild weather and delicious food!

Sitting here enjoying my last few hours in this nice city. I will leave tonight for La Paz, where I will spend the night before taking my flight back to [read more…]

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Catching up

My parents and friends left this morning for the 3 day tour in the Salar area and I’m still in Uyuni…

Yes, I didn’t join the tour. As I said, someone has influenced my priorities, thus I’ll be catching a nice plane (Douglas Super DC-3) this afternoon to Cochabamba. Since I’ve done the tour before I decided [read more…]

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Carnival is over, still alive...

Just giving a sign of life here. Already down in Uyuni after the Carnival in Oruro. The Carnival was absolutely awesome and I’m pretty sure I’ll be back soon. Just a short entry today as a sign of life. I don’t have too much time today and won’t be able to upload pics yet, although of [read more…]

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Anata Andina

The group from yesterday were rehearsing for today’s ‘entrada’ of the Anata Andina.

The Anata Andina takes place before the carnival and is a procession of the indigineous people from the area around Oruro. They thank ‘Pacha Mama’ (Mother Earth) for the agricultural production, thus it is kind of a harvest festival.

Today dozens or maybe even a [read more…]