So after three flights I’m back in Switzerland. Thursday night I flew from Cochabamba to La Paz and from there on Friday morning via Santa Cruz and Miami back to Zürich. To say goodbye to beloved ones is always difficult, thus we tried to keep it (more or less) short. I was soon distracted after … Read more

Last hours…

Spend a beautiful week in Cochabamba. It is always a pleasure to come back to this nice city with it’s friendly people, mild weather and delicious food! Sitting here enjoying my last few hours in this nice city. I will leave tonight for La Paz, where I will spend the night before taking my flight … Read more

Catching up

My parents and friends left this morning for the 3 day tour in the Salar area and I’m still in Uyuni… Yes, I didn’t join the tour. As I said, someone has influenced my priorities, thus I’ll be catching a nice plane (Douglas Super DC-3) this afternoon to Cochabamba. Since I’ve done the tour before … Read more

Anata Andina

The group from yesterday were rehearsing for today’s ‘entrada’ of the Anata Andina. The Anata Andina takes place before the carnival and is a procession of the indigineous people from the area around Oruro. They thank ‘Pacha Mama’ (Mother Earth) for the agricultural production, thus it is kind of a harvest festival. Today dozens or … Read more