Un poème au lieu d’images…

There hasn’t happened much on my site, since the inauguration of the new design. Unfortunately photographically speaking not much interesting has happened either. However, I did find this poem in french when digging through my archives. I wrote it about 6 years ago and when I came across it some weeks ago, I quite liked … Read more

arnez.ch all new!

Finally! I’ve decided to put online my new website. I’ve been doing this complete work over mainly during the holidays and actually wanted to wait to go live until I’m competely done with it. But I’ve figured that would never be the case. Therefore I’ve changed my mind and even though the website is not … Read more


Welcome to my website. Please have a look around. you’ll find some stuff about me any my travel activities and mainly pictures of course, since it is the main purpose of this website. The galleries can be accessed via the top page menu, or click on one of the thumbnails below:   I might find … Read more

Lasst uns Weihnachten feiern!

Bald ist Weihnachten, habe ich mir sagen lassen, drum Lasst uns fröhlich Weihnachten feiern, das Heilige Christfest, Fest der Besinnung, Noël, Navidad, Christmas, X-mas, u.s.w. Aber halt! Bitte ohne Minarette! Aber die passen ja sowieso nicht in den Rahmen, gut haben wir die rechtzeitig verbannt. Bitte ohne Weihnachtslieder! Hm, das wird schon schwieriger, mich nerven … Read more