Going towards other worlds

As this post is being published I’m taking off leaving the grounds of Zurich and Switzerland on flight LX 138. The destination is Hong Kong! This is where I’ll be meeting a friend to have a look around before continuing to the People’s Republic of China, where we will be going to Guilin and Yangshuo before heading towards Shanghai, where this friend is living at the moment.

I’ll be staying at his flat and immerse myself into the city. The visit of the Expo is definitely on the schedule and luckily enough I also got myself a nice series ticket for the Shanghai Masters 1000 starting on the 10th of October. At last I’ll be seeing the professionals of this wonderful sport from close up and live.

After that, the travels will continue to a country I’ve been looking forward traveling to for a long time: Japan! There I’ll start off with Tokyo and with an exciting concert at the Blue Note Jazz Club. For Japan there are not yet many plans, this will hopefully crystallize itself as I’ll be moving on. But probably I’ll be going to Kyoto, Osaka and maybe Fukuoka if I manage to get that far. Who knows, I might even make it all the way down to Okinawa for some dives!

However, I’ll be enjoying this flight and the imminent trip, as it will be filling the gap between the long awaited completion of my studies and the start in the working world. But more about that later… It is wonderful that everything fell into place just right, thus I’m going to explore those far eastern cultures with the assurance to start with an exciting job a week after my return.

Until then I’ll be traveling around, enjoy the new experiences and hopefully keep you posted through this channel, even when in the PRC.

Greetings from Swiss Flight LX 138


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