The Swiss Rowing Indoors are over. It was a very intereseting experience, since it was the first time I competed in a sport. As said before, I had to start against the best rowers, thus moving in the lower field. The good thing was that it was the most anticipated and the last race of the day and the crowd was accordingly loud. I’ve even heard a cowbell (yeah, these Swiss people can’t leave their hands of these things ;)) and some klaxon noise was also around. Therefore the setting was pretty cool.

I got a great start with a very high rate and an unhealthy low split time 😉 I was told that for the first few meters I was even on the leaderboard… 😛 Not for long as you can imagine.
I had to force me down and really struggled to bring down my stroke rate and split down to race level (~ 1:42 @32 spm), but I had to so in order to make it to the finish line!

Once I got the rythm it was alright. Shortly after passing 1k it got really tough to keep up the pace up the the split down. And that was also the point where the legs beginning to burn and stuff… However, I managed to keep the average split just below 1:42 and thus achieved the goal I had set my self and a personal best with 6:47.7.

Therefore I’m quite happy with my result and looking back on the whole experience, the preparation during the last 4 months and the climax yesterday afternoon I’m pretty proud of what I’ve achieved.

Now, let the on water season begin! 🙂

All the result of the competition can be found on http://www.rowingindoors.ch

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