New Year – New Challenges

Well, the new year isn’t that new any more, but still, this is the first blog post in this still young year.

And the reason for the post is the dawn of this year’s first big challenge: the Swiss Rowing Indoors 2010!

After roughly 4 months of preparation supervised by an instructor of our academic sports association I’m ready to start for that race on the upcoming saturday. I hope to deliver my quickest 2 km, however, they’ll most probably feel like the longest and will certainly be the most painful. But that’s the price for not passing the finish line as the last.

I know this sounds not that good for a motivation, but it is! Since I have to start in the Open category I’ll have to contest the nations best rowers, which of course are way out of my league. But it’s that or not participating at all… I prefer to participate :). I got hooked to the whole thing more for the preparation experience under competent supervision and the training, just to see how it is to prepare and then participate at the contest. I’ve got my personal goals, from which I have already achieve the most. The last one I will face in three days, trying to meet the time I’ve set myself.

Therefore I’ll try to prepare the best I can psychologically for the remaining days, at this point probably the most important bit, there’s not much I can do about my physical fitness any longer.

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See you after the competition!

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