Göteborg by Night

Last night was the last in Göteborg and I went for a walk through the city took some night shots…

But let’s start, where I ended last time… at least more or less. Last Monday evening I luckily managed to watch the US Open final after I’d almost had given up to find a place actually showing it and I was of course very happy with the result of it 🙂

However this also had as a result that I had yet another very short night, since my train was already leaving at 7 a.m.
I therefore arrived in Göteborg at noon. Got to my hostel and headed out to explore the city. Very nice indeed. And I getting more fond of the nice cafés everz day…

I also went to museum and friday I headed out for the Archipelago which was very nice. I’m thinking to visit the one’s around Stockholm as well. Guess I’ll see how the weather goes. The sun might be rare and it got quite chilly, thus still not sure about that. However Saturday and Sunday were rather calm days, also due to the long nights 🙂

Speaking of which, I’ve posted a few of my pictures from Göteborg by night on facebook, which can be viewed here.

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