Sunny and rainy Stockholm

I have gone to well deserved vacations after a summer with work at the bank and exams at school, which I completed succesfully, therefore I left for Sweden on 4th of September in the early morning hours.

I was lucky with the weather when I arrived here, had 2 days of wonderful sunny days and enjoyed it to walk around and explore the city of Stockholm. Unfortunately that was about it of our dear sun, since then she has gone missing 🙁

Therefore I did a museum day on saturday with the Nobel Museet and the Moderna Museet, was very nice and interesting, my legs however were sore after all these hours of standing and walking. Actually I was so tired that I slept-in my plans for saturday nightlife! Fell asleep at woke up at 1 a.m.!
So what does one do when waking up at these hours and being fit and ready? I went out o look for some kind of good looking bar, since I didÂŽn’t feel like spending a lot on a disco entrance. Somehow I couldn’t find anything I fancied and thus went back home to the hostel after having had a Whopper meal 🙂

Got up the next morning to go to the “Jazz Brunch” at the Mosebacke Etablissement a very nice place with varied programme and an awesome brunch! Ate for the whole day (literally!).
Had been there before on thursday and friday after having had a drink at the bar Little Persia another sympathic bar in Södermalm.

Finally today, since still gray, I headed for another museum of the world famous Vasa. It’s a warship which was built in 1628 and sunk on it’s maiden voyage… they recovered and restored it. Quite impressive! And time consuming… spent over 3 hours at the museum, thus I got out pretty tired and didn’t feel at all to go for another one, although the Nordic Museum would have been just around the corner.

Instead I went to the wonderful cozy cafĂ© Flickorna Helin Voltaire at the DjurgĂ„rden. They have probably the most awesome cakes around and you’d need a lot of days to try all their delicious food. Will try to go back. Got pictures, but couldn’t find a reasonable internet cafĂ© yet, where I could upload anything.

Thus I’ll leave it at text, sitting in front of this computer way to long anyway…


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