What happened?

Yeah, what happened with time? March just went by as quickly as my interest in the MacBook Air…

What is it all about? The bashing? Well I like to do it with Apple 🙂
Nice marketing machinery I admit, but otherwise? what’s the hype? Ok, some nice designs, but what about the hardware? Yeah, the Air-Version sucks, that’s what I think… reasons are plenty. No user rechangeble battery, very little number of connectors and no ethernet? What is that all about. WLAN might be nice, but no ethernet port at all? no thanks. And I can well live without glare screens, what a horrible trend… whatever.

Actually I didn’t want to write about that laptop, but about a new Lenovo product, which I fancy pretty much 🙂 Yes, you got it. This blog entry is written by my techie side 🙂
Ok, what product I’m talking about? The Lenovo Ideapad U8. Looks great and I hope it will be that great and affordable and actually make it to the market on time.
If this exists, why should I want an iPhone? OK, I’ll quit poking the apple, but it’s so tempting.

And sorry for this useless blog entry, but I’m sitting through a lecture which is not actually absorbing… so what could I do? Perfect moment to post anything in my blog. Not that anyone would actually read it…


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