Case studies

I landed in Switzerland one week ago and now I’m enjoying my last totally free weekend for a long time, before my immersion into project and case study work.

The courses started monday morning at 8.15 a.m. and I was very tired… Human Ressource Management: Leading Teams (HRM) was on the schedule. And as last term, we will not have a case study in this lecture but a semester project, which, based on last terms experience, will be very time intensive. Next was Financial Management. One of the few without too much work next to the lecture, although we have to prepare ourselves and read – you guessed it – case studies for the courses.
In the afternoon we had the continuation of the lecture Logistics, Operations and Supply Chain Management (LOS). Several case studies coming there and finally Strategic Management, one big case there, we’ve got one dealing with a large consulting company… I’d preferred another subject, but well.
So this is what I’m doing since I started with MTEC last autumn: Case Studies. And some exams from time to time… What other courses have case studies? That would be in Marketing on Wednesdays and also Project Management on Thursdays. So there is a lot of ccordination needed, since the groups in the different courses for the cases are all different. You can imagine how it is to find days where everyone of the group, which can depending on the course contain up to 8 people, can come to a meeting to discuss the case. “Yeah, this day is fine, oh wait, I have a get together with my other groups from the whatever course that day and tomorrow? Oh, you’re working on this other project then…”.
FUN! 🙂
Enough complaining, I like the program and have never regreted my decision of doing that Master instead of the one in chemistry. Also there are some nice folks studying with me and it’s extremely international, which I find very interesting and our student association is very active and doing a lot for the networking 😉

I actually wrote this entry offline on the way to Geneva to see my sister’s family. Thus I’ll at least put up an current picture of my lovely nieces:

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