Catching up

My parents and friends left this morning for the 3 day tour in the Salar area and I’m still in Uyuni…

Yes, I didn’t join the tour. As I said, someone has influenced my priorities, thus I’ll be catching a nice plane (Douglas Super DC-3) this afternoon to Cochabamba. Since I’ve done the tour before I decided to leave Uyuni to spend some more time with her.

Yesterday we took a drive to the Salar for the sunset and it turned out to be a very nice little trip and allowed to see what I was mainly interested in and the reason I even came to Uyuni: the salt flat filled with water.
It is definitely amazing and looks very different from the dry season. Pictures of the dry Salar and the tour my parents and friends headed out for can be seen in the photography section (Southwestern Circuit ).

Here a picture of what it looked like yesterday:

OK, then there was the Carnival, right. Well I guess it can’t be described, you have to live it. Therefore I guess I won’t write that much about it and post some pictures here from the grande fiesta. It was really an unique experience and I will definitely come back for it. The so called ‘entrada’ started Saturaday morning around 9 a.m. and finished sometime around 5 a.m. Sunday morning to start again a few hours later and for the whole day and night of Sunday until sunrise on Monday morning. And don’t think it was finished by then. Monday still showed activities here and there.
The formailty of the procession declined from Saturday to Sunday with more and more (drunk) people dancing on the route.

OK, so here some pictures of the different dances:

La Diablada, dance of the evil and the good, the most famous one with the impressive devil masks. I very much liked the ‘Oso’ (bear).

La Morenada, a dance theatralizing the slavery of the black people (Morenos).

Los Caporales, my favorite dance which is very impressive when the big group start the synchronized dancing.

OK, I guess that’s it for the moment. Of course there were a lot more other dances like Tobas, Thinku, Pujllay and many more, but I have to come to an end here. I’m getting a bit hungry and the plane will leave in a couple of hours.

Nos vemos en Cocha.

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