Carnival is over, still alive…

Just giving a sign of life here. Already down in Uyuni after the Carnival in Oruro. The Carnival was absolutely awesome and I’m pretty sure I’ll be back soon.
Just a short entry today as a sign of life. I don’t have too much time today and won’t be able to upload pics yet, although of course I’ve taken loads of it during the festivities.

We also did some good partying with folks from Oruro, which we got to know through the hotel owner. A nice family.

And I met someone who is messing up my travelling plans 🙂
That’s all I’ll say for the moment….

Alright, got to run, I hope I’ll catch up with some pics from the Carnival soon. We’re in Uyuni right know, trying to put up a tour for the next days…

Hasta luego

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