Anata Andina

The group from yesterday were rehearsing for today’s ‘entrada’ of the Anata Andina.

The Anata Andina takes place before the carnival and is a procession of the indigineous people from the area around Oruro. They thank ‘Pacha Mama’ (Mother Earth) for the agricultural production, thus it is kind of a harvest festival.

Today dozens or maybe even a hundred groups danced and played through Oruro. The music and dances are quite alike, thus after a while it gets a little monotone, still a very nice show and certainly worth to be seen. I took of course way to many pictures, here one more of them, I don’t remeber the name of the dance right know though.

The kids of course dance too:

As soon as they can walk, they participate, before they do as well, on the mothers back.

Okay, have to go, I keep it short today. As said, my parents and two friends arrived today and have to be back at the hotel in 10 minutes to go out for dinner. Getting a little hungry here.
We walked around a bit, went to the mercado (market) to have a look around and my father is getting ready to become the next president of Bolivia 😉

Hasta la próxima

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