Oruro, I´m ready!

I’m in Oruro for about 5 hours now and already had my first encounter with carnival feeling.
Arrived, jumped into a cab to the hotel my parents booked. They’ll be here tomorrow with two other friends. The hotel is literally at the mainsquare, which is full of scaffolds to be used as stages for the spectators for the weekend.
All the preparation are running at full speed and the whole city is being whipped into shape for the big festivities.

On the way to the internet café, I walked over the square and got a first flavour of the carnival. A group from the town of Totora (Oruro) was playing and dancing. I was instantly absorbed and emotions got strong. Tears of delight rolled over my cheeks…
I must say I was surprised but couldn’t help it.

I’d say the dance being performed is called tarqueada and looks like this:

The name comes from the flute called ‘tarka’, which gives the musical basis together with snare and bass drums. It is probably one of the oldest traditional dances performed at the carnival and has it’s roots in the Aymara culture.

Okay, I’m now ready for the big picture and hope I won’t see everything through wet eyes…

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