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Soroche, Sleep and Rain...

Yeah well, rain season in La Paz is a bit frustrating…

You might leave the hostel with sunshine, but on your way back it could be pouring like hell… until now I was lucky and didn’t get caught by the heavy rain. Not too difficult though, since I don’t leave the hostel too often.

First, the day I arrived I thought the height wouldn’t put be down, well I was wrong… The Soroche hit me, it was short and fierce. Therfore I was a bit cautious yesterday and today, not doing to much and sleeping a lot…
Now I’m better and want to get out of La Paz, somehow it doesn’t appeal too much to me, and since I’ll be flying out from here, I can still comeback earlier and spend some days here, if I want to…

Thus I just got back from the Terminal de Buses with a ticket to Copacabana tomorrow morning. I’ll probably stay there a couple of days and then plan to spend a few nights on the Isla del Sol. Relax, walk around, take some pictures and I surely hope for some sunshine and less rain… we’ll see.

Today was once again a march of some unions here in La Paz as it happens often. With dynamite explosions thrilling the hostel and some more major explosives to underline the demonstration, a favorite of the unions of the mineros.

Allright, I’ll hop into La Paz one more night when coming back from Lake Titikaka before heading out for Oruro and the big FIESTA!


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