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Viva Bolivia Carajo!

Yes, that’s my plan. Four weeks of holidays in Bolivia! Back to the Llajta.

Landed in El Alto, La Paz at around 8 a.m. local time. Weather is cloudy and rainy…. well it is raining season…
I arrived at the Adventure Brew Hostel a couple of hours ago and doing my homework getting myself acclimatized to the height with some Mate de Coca and the delicious pancakes they serve here for breakfast.

I’ll probably will spend a quite day, settling down and overcoming the jetlag.

The flights were OK. ZRH – MIA was pleasant and didn’t seem as long as it actually was. Swiss has done some good work to get back into business. But the flight from MIA to LPB was not that good and AA didn’t satisfy…
It was cramped and overloaded, they had to move hand lugagge to the cargo bay and with additional tower problem we left two hours late…
during the waiting I was regularly sprinkled by the AC which was running at max power producing and deafening noise.
Well, at least they caught up some of the time on the way down here. Oh yes, and this trip has proven, that security checks might have increased, but security itself hasn’t really. I’ve read that somewhere some time ago, but experienced it myself on my way down here. I unintentionally put my army knife into my hand luggage instead of the checked one. No one noticed…
Well well, gazillions flowing into stuff like DHS and alike, and for what exactly?

Here’s a picture from the hostels rooftop.

Okay, that’s it for now… some pics might follow…

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