The bigger half

I’m done with 5 out of 8 exams.

I always like the perspective of having accomplished more than the half of the exams.

Well that is the case for me for about an hour now. I have still 3 to go though. And since the next exam is a whole 2 hours away, there is plenty of time to do some more useless blogging… I mean I dont wan’t to let down my new year’s resolution!

During my boring everyday life of the past week dominated by studying, of course one is always eager to find some distraction.
Thus I’ve discovered Eddie Izzard, who is weird and very funny. At least for my actual state of mind…
One of my favorites is the Death Star Canteen. And I think the LEGO version of it, which I embeded below is hilarious.

Enjoy and if you like check out some more on YouTube.

OK, time for me to get some food before the next exam…

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