Happy new year… whatever…

Holy crap, time goes by too quickly. Again I failed to maintain my blog, my life seems to be too boring to blog it 🙂

I had a look at my archive and saw, that I only made four entries last year and 3 of them in one month! Ok, May 2007 was glorious for my blog, then one post in June and that was it… well during summer was again nothing interesting, all my blog would have consisted of was me complaining about studying all the time for the exams.

However, it was worth it, since I passed them and I finally achieved my Bachelor of Science ETH in Chemistry! Woohoo! (A bit late too celebrate, but hey, I did some serious celebrating back then :-).

Of course I wanted to do a big blog entry then, but as it always is, I forgot and dived into my new studies, of which the first term has already passed!

I’m now a graduate student (yeah!) and im doing my Master of Science in Management, Technology and Economics. (You envy that title, don’t you? 🙂
Fancy name and pretty nice lectures I attended . We had a lot of work to do, specially in CASE STUDIES! Yes, our department loves them, fair enough I guess. Good way to learn the stuff and most probably the closest to how it will be in real life.

Now, you can guess what I’m doing, apart from writing this incredible long blog entry. Exactly, I’m studying for exams, why else would I write so much… very good distraction.
The bad thing is they start in two days already, which left very little time for studying, specially since I’m used to sit down all summer long. However, the good thing is, since the exams are taking place now in January, this means I’ll have a month of real holidays! Yeepee! This hasn’t happened for a looong time. Specially with no further exams ahead. So I’ll start for my second term of graduate studies fresh and motivated from a nice trip to… ha, I won’t tell you!
I might accomplish to even write a blog entry from over there. Well, we’ll see. But I could nominate this kind of my inofficial not to serious new year’s resolution: do more useless blogging! 🙂

Oh yes, and happy new year to you.

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