Evo Morales’ fight for football

The Bolivian President Evo Morales made a one day trip to Switzerland all the way from Bolivia to challenge the FIFA ban on football games above 2500 meters of altitude.

The President arriving Wednesday evening (27.06.) in Zurich, had a tight schedule the following day.
First he had a little football match he was invited to by the Bolivian Association in Zürich, followed by a with Joseph Blatter, the President thereof.
Shortly after that he continued to a meeting at the “Volkshaus” with the Bolivian Community in Zurich.

There he spent around 1 hour talking to the people, telling them about the situation in Bolivia and what has happened so far since he took over the presidency one and a half years ago. He gave details about what his government achieved and what the plans are for the coming time.
He emphasised several important topics such as the economic situation and development, the nationalization of the natural resources and the complex of problems around the coca plant.

Of course the football was also a topic, since it was the reason for his quick trip across the Atlantic Ocean. He said the FIFA President reassured him, they’ll revise that prohibition and that “he could go home and sleep calmly”.
After a press excluded quiet lunch it was already time to get back to the plane to be at a conference in Asunción, Paraguay the following Friday morning.

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