Crazy Weekend in Copenhagen

Well, this is definitely worth an entry in my blog. Again I haven’t posted for quite a long time…

Copenhagen (CPH) is really a great city! Had a great time up there. Went with two friends to visit a fourth who is the brother of one of the others – great sentence… 🙂
However, we gave our best and still managed to see some of the city by daylight!
We were there from Thu 19 to Sun 22 of April.

Arriving in CPH at 2 pm the first letdown was my luggage not appearing on the luggage belt.
Thus I left the airport empty handed, soon to be filled with a crate beer from our stop at the supermarket on the way home.
Around 8 o’clock we left heading for the infamous ‘nexus’, a student party which takes place every Thursday at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS). A great place to be, specially between 8 and 9 o’clock when there’s a happy hour 😉
Had a great time there, also tasting the Denmark speciality called ‘fisk’ which is a very refreshing liquor.
We ended the night at the ‘Moose Bar’ before hoping onto the last night bus.

Friday, still no bag, still no phone. They were supposed to call and deliver my bag as soon as it was in CPH. That didn’t happen despite the bag being at the airport, what I could see on an online service. Finally I decided to go to the airport myself to pick it up.
With this done, the weekend was ready to be begun with… after a good shower and fresh clothes.
We went to see the freetown ‘Christiania’. Very interesting and quite a peaceful vicinity in the heart of the vibrant city.
After that a beer in a stylish (like everything in DK) restaurant and a dinner in the ‘mama rosa’ (less stylish) we decided to directly aim at the ‘jura huset’ where we were supposed to get into the friday bar of the law & order students.
Unfortunately this didn’t work out and we ended up at the ‘CSS’ (Social Sciences) which was also very entertaining and resulted in a long night…
Before heading back home we couldn’t help going for fast food. That was an unique experience:

Saturday we did a boat tour in the harbour, which was a bit cold but very nice. You see many landmarks and thus it’s a very good condensed sight seeing.
After that and some more wandering around we went back home. Since we were staying a bit outside the city but close to a beach, we went there for sunset, which was pleasing and relaxing but also quiet cold.
After a boosting dinner we headed for the club EMMA, where we were to spend yet another great night. Again we got back home after sunrise absolutely exhausted but happy and ready to fly back home the next day.

Copenhagen really is great and I’m looking forward to go back there anytime.
Some party pics can be found here.
My impressions of the city will follow soon.

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