Ok, enough…

More than half a year my blog has been medically dead. This is going to change…. (I hope)

Well, not that anyone would care about – let alone read – my blog, but it made me sad to see how it was dying. I still have to get used to have a blog. So I’ll catch up a little.
Summer hasn’t been to exiting, since my main occupation was to study for my exams in fall. So that’s pretty much everything I did during summer. With some tiny breaks due to music festivals, funny evenings with friends (those who are left and didn’t forget me during my isolation – thank you) and maybe one or the other beer 🙂
However, those exams have also been over for 2 weeks already .
I used this time to catch up with friends, go out, relax and do nothing… More on the go out part coming up (tomorrow or so). Would like to stick em down.
See ya!

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